Welcome Ramble

Well this will be my third time attempting a blog. If I had to guess I would say that’s probably pretty common. Don’t really know, don’t read too many non sports blogs, don’t really read too much of anything at all really. Never studied English or enjoyed writing papers in High School or College either. I’m putting all of this out there because I honestly don’t know why I have the urge to write this blog either. I guess it really stems from all the ideas I feel like I come up with on my 45 minute ride to and from work. I have these ideas and then once I get home they just seem to disapper. I feel like I have one of the worst memories of anyone I know. People mention stories all of the time that they claim I’ve heard, or I was a part of and I never remember. I definately act like I remember some of them, in order to stay out of trouble or keep from making things uncomfortable, but honestly don’t remember. So once again starting this up to see if maybe some of these great ideas get put down on paper maybe I can develop them into something.

So without trying to look back and piece together ideas let’s start with today’s ideas. Most days all I think about are the tasks at hand. Trying to get up on time for work, getting something of material done while at work, what I want for lunch, the drive home, if I have time for any video games at home, whether or not my girlfriend, Sarah, will want help with dinner, and what might be on TV tonight. I live a pretty simple life in my mind. My Mom thinks I live a crazy life, going to Grad School, working, and living in the City. My girlfriend dreams of living in amazing places overseas and doing things most people never do. I find myself hoping between two trains of thought. Sometimes I think I love my life now, maybe a better job, but everything else is great. Great girlfriend, great family, great apartment, what else could I want. But sometimes, all I can think about is what I think I can do. CFO!! That’s what I tell my girlfriend all of the time, I am going to be a large company CFO, and then we will live the life. These thoughts are usually triggered by a being somewhere fancy. If we go to dinner at a nice place, there is no doubt that this will come up in conversation. All well and good, but it just seems to be taking forever to get there. So finally rolling this into an idea, today on my ride home I had a random thought that my friend, Dan, should start reviewing movies. He knows more about movies than anyone I know and he sees more movies than anyone I know. From here I decided maybe I could write a movie or a book. Not sure why, like I said never been a writer before, never had the desire to read anything that wasn’t about my favorite sports teams. So I spent about 45 minutes just staring at a piece of paper with a pencil. Went pad and pencil instead of the computer because in my mind, when I think writer I think papers scattered all over the floor. When they show people in movies with writer’s block, they usually aren’t hitting the delete button. These ideas are valid, I know that but it’s just a vision I have, so go with it. As time passed, nothing came of the idea I had and I gave up. I needed to do something though, just have something inside me that wants to tell stories, and here we are.

As I said I am using this to get my ideas out and as I am writing to you now, it just seems to be pouring out. Wasn’t sure what I was going to do with a blog, but I guess I could use it to spit nonsense out and hope it gets me somewhere. Realizing that this is supposed to be a welcome blog I will try to close it out. So if I still have, Thank You. I look forward to seeing if I actually keep this going.


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