Jeremy Lin

Quick comment on Jeremy Lin and the Knicks decision to not match the Rockets 3 Year, 25 Million dollar offer.

I agree with it. The whole Jeremy Lin rise to fame story was great. It made for great TV, it was inspirational, sort of. While a lot of the coverage was about how crazy it was a Harvard basketball player somehow became a star in the NBA was supposed to be inspirational I found it to be more a good movie. I can’t connect to a student from Harvard joining the NBA. But back to the contract, the offer is for the name, not ability. During his cinderella season Lin only played in 35 games. For a few games he looked like  the next star, but when those great feelings rolled off he was mediocre at best. Does anyone remember he meet up with Lebron and the Heat? I do he went 1 for 11 with 8 turnovers in 34 minutes. Just a quick scroll through the rest of his games and you can see a lot of 7, 8, or 9 turnover games. He has skill that’s for sure, and maybe he’ll turn into a good solid playet. But that contract is betting big on him being a star next season. The Knicks need to worry about getting a solid group around Carmello and Amare now, not making headlines in the paper like they usually try to do. So I believe this is a good non-move by the Knicks.


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