Split Personality

So most people obviously have thier preferences when it comes to, well everything. What I wonder about is whether people are as split as I am when it comes to Music. I know people who have a much wider variety of music they enjoy than I do. That isn’t really what I am talking about. I am talking about when I pull out my Ipod and the first CD I put on is the new Linkin Park album, Living Things. After hitting up most of the upbeat songs, I especially enjoy the rapping and screaming, say Victimized (if you don’t know that song look it up and come back.) From Victimized I’ll move to Of Monsters Of Men – Little Talks, maybe Rihanna – What’s My Name?, next maybe Eminem – White Trash Party. I know not too much variety there, and I have my preferences. I could blow right through a Linkin Park album, or an Eminem album, but after Little Talks, probably would rather change CDs instead of listening to the rest of the album because I don’t like it. This is probably common among people, but I always seem to surprise myself when some indy song comes on and I can’t get right behind it. Guess I am just wondering if anyone else does the same?


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